Restaurants Offering American Cuisine in Guangzhou

Since the Autumn Canton Fair 2012 is approching, thousands of visitors will come Guangzhou to attend the fair. For the foreign visitors, eating in Guangzhou would be a big challenge. So in this post i will share you all the several popular restaurants which offers American Cuisine in Guangzhou.
Hard Rock Cafe

Daily 11.30am-2am. All cards. Basement, China Hotel, Liu Hua Lu (8666 6888 ext 3050)
Hotel Nearby: China Hotel, Dongfang Hotel, China Merchant Hotel, Parkview Square Hotel,
Guangdong Guest House, Sino Trade Hotel

Gallery Cafe
Daily 11am-2am. No cards, H18-19, 183 Yan Jiang Lu. (136 0286 9690)
Hotel Nearby: Guangzhou hotel, Hotel Landmark

Gail's Place American Food & Bar

Week Day: 11am-midnight, Friday-Saturday: 11am-2am. No cards, 98 Heng Fu Lu
(8359 2080, 8359 3878)
Hotel Nearby: Baiyun Hotel, Garden Hotel, Holiday Inn

Sportsman's American Restaurant
Daily 11am-midnight. No cards. 19 Tao Jin Jie (8358 2591)
Hotel Nearby: Baiyun Hotel, Garden Hotel, Holiday Inn

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Ngari - The Most Tibetan Part of Tibet

Tibet Tour - Ngari                                       
Ngari - "the roof of the roof of the world", which situated at an elevation of 4,500 meters above sea level.  Located in the western part of the Tibetan Autonomous Region, It's an extremely remote area with nearly no infrastructure of any type for travel. Without industrial pollution, the sky therer is blue, the lake is clear and the air is incredibly fresh and highly transparent.

                                                  Mt Kailash
 Ngari city covers the largest area in Tibet but has the lowest volume of population, which presents the transcendent beauty of its beautiful lakes and rivers, great mountains and glaciers, vast grasslands, spectacular snow mountains and clay forests.

Mapam Yumco Lake
In Ngari, there is one mountain called Mt Kailash is considered the spiritual center of Buddhism and the most holy mountain for the Tibetans. Each year, devotees from Tibetan, India, Nepal and Bhutan will make pilgrimages to the sacred places for blessing following the old traditional way.

Tholing Monastery  

 Pilgrim to Tholing monastery

Basically, Ngari enjoys a plateau monsoon climate. In summer, the monsoon from the Indian Ocean may bring precipitation to this area. During winter and spring, gales and strong temperature drop may frequently occur. Its annual average temperature remains around 19C (66.2F). During daytime in August, the temperature is above 10C (50F), but it may drop to the subzero. May to July as well as September to October are suitable for traveling to this region.


Tips to Help You Get Success in Canton Fair

If you are currently seeking a way to develop the business relationships you need to succeed in China, making a trip to Canton Fair would be the most effective way. As the world's largest trade show, a trip to canton fair can be a life-changing business opportunity for every businessman. Here I'd like to share some tips to anyone considering going to Canton Fair. By taking a few simple steps, you'll be able to make your visit to Canton Fair a fun and profitable adventure.

1. Go in with the right mindset. China has a very different culture. Expect to be surprised by the cultural etiquette, cuisine, and ways of doing business. Be prepared to be as open-minded as you possibly can, so you won't be puzzled by the many unfamiliarity's of Chinese culture, and be able to have the best time at the fair.

2. Get to know people. Leading straight on from the first tip, a major difference of doing business is the level of relationship-building involved. The Chinese don't approach business from a strictly "what can you do for me and what can I do for you" perspective. If you make an effort to get to know the sales managers and suppliers as real people with families and common interests, they will like you, and work harder to get better deals for you.

3. Go direct to the manufacturers. There are many stands at the fair which are from trading companies, not manufacturing companies. Dealing directly with the manufacturers will get you a better price. Having a local Chinese contact can help connect you with local manufacturers to get the best deal possible.

4. Keep focused. With so much choice at the fair, it's important to keep focused on the product group you want to invest in. The furniture district alone is the size of 3-4 Sydney suburbs joined together! Saying that though, also be open minded with other opportunities, and seed relationships that may be useful in the future.

5. Bring LOTS of business cards. I'm talking at least 300 copies. This is because many suppliers will not give you a copy of their catalogue (or will be reluctant to) if you do not provide a card. But give cards only to those suppliers you are genuinely interested in doing business with, or you will be added to email databases you don't want to be on. Spam alert!

6. Check out the factories. When you've found some suppliers that you connect with and feel good about, arrange to tour their factories. Most likely they will have many of the latest products that they do not display at the fair, for fear of their competitors ripping off their design or technology.

7. Ask questions. Depending on who you're talking to, and your approach and demeanour, you can gain a lot of useful information by asking very direct questions. Some recommended examples: "What are the most popular products?", "Do you have any clients in Australia? "Who's your biggest client?", "How many containers do they order?". And don't be afraid to ask for exclusivity on a certain product or range.

8. Be crystal clear on the details. You need to know all about the MOQ (minimum order quantity), FOB (freight on board) and EXW (ex works) policies of the suppliers you plan to deal with. Make sure the factory is up to date with its industry-approved certifications. Shipping and packaging is important ?C freight items should be packed with enough cardboard or other padding to ensure they are not damaged during transit.

9. Organise your brochures. You'll be collecting hundreds of brochures and catalogues, so make sure you have some sort of reference system for them. For example, I drew a star on the front page of brochures from suppliers I wanted to meet again, and folded the corners on pages with the particular products we spoke about.

10. Bring your carry-on with you. Another tip for catalogues: I highly recommend that you bring a wheeled carry-on sized suitcase to collect and transport them around the fair. You’ll be glad you did – some of them are as thick as phone books! You can also ship your catalogue collection straight back to Australia at the DHL or EMS services that are set up at the fair for this purpose.

If you need fair assistance service, a local Guangzhou reservation company is great, you can visit it online at www.cantontradefair.com.

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